What can I expect from a trip on Amadie?

Well, that depends of course on the region we are traveling in. Depending on when you join us, you can expect two weeks with nothing but open water or days of extended hiking with only short overnight visits on Amadie. Most of our time is spent sailing at a casual pace along coastal regions with lots of land visits and nights spent in harbors or natural bays. We only have a very rough timeline of how fast and far we need to go, so how much time we spend on land and sea largely depends on the mood of the crew.

With regards to the actual sailing you can get involved as much or as little as you like. The permanent crew is well capable of operating Amadie without your help, but any interest in learning how to sail a yacht and supporting the ship’s operation is very welcome. Keeping the ship clean and the crew fed on the other hand is shared among all shoulders aboard.

Get a feeling for sailing in the Mediterranean with our first vlog entry: Croatia June 2021


How many visitors can Amadie host?

Amadie can host up to eight travelers in her four cabins, three with a double and one with a bunk bed. With no visitors present the cabins are occupied by the four men permanent crew, but based on your wishes any combination of cabins and berths can be offered for up to four visitors. We welcome adventurous seas lovers at any part of our journey. As long as there is an empty berth, Amadie’s gangway is open for you.

And how much will this adventure cost me?

We own the boat and offer her berths to our friends and family only, so traveling with us is (mostly) free of charge. Depending on your financial situation, a reasonable donation for the running cost during your stay is welcome. These cost are usually around 150€-200€ per week and crew member (food not included).

Sounds great! So how do I join you?

You can either choose a time or a region, when you want to travel us. To check for available berths on the Amadie please check our booking calendar. We prefer bookings via our booking tool, but please do not hesitate to send us a mail beforehand with any questions you have.

We try to keep our route planning as up-to-date as possible, but adventures live from the unexpected. So for details on when and in which harbor to best board and leave the boat, please contact us directly. Arrival and departure to the agreed ports has to be organized by you. If your preferred week is booked out, we welcome you to still send us a mail, so we can check with other travelers, if their schedule can be changed. We can also send you a packing list and support you with any questions you have around your (first) sailing trip.