Welcome to Amadie’s booking tool. To make your planning easier, we have split our voyage into three regions and corresponding time slots. To get a more detailed plan, when to meet us where, please look at our travel route or contact us directly.

Please be aware, that our route planning is not final yet and timing might vary, especially in the long run. In case of any changes we will contact you as early as possible to find the best meeting harbor.

Mediterranean Sea

May 2021 – September 2021

Our adventure begins end of May in Sibenik, Croatia. Sailing down the Adria, we will arrive in the Ionian see mid-June and spend some time in the Aegis around Greece’s island, arguably Europe’s most beautiful sailing region. From end of July to September we sail along the marvelous coasts of Italy, France and Spain to the strait of Gibraltar, finally hitting open water.

Africa and Atlantic Crossing

October 2021 – November 2021

Starting in October we will change our course southwards. Our route takes us past the Moroccan coast, Tenerifa and the Western Sahara until we reach Cap Verde. After stocking our supplies we turn west in early November for our ~3 weeks Atlantic Crossing from Cap Verde to Barbados. You are welcome to join us on this boundary stretching experience.

Central America / Caribbean

December 2021June 2022

In December we will finally reach the highlight of our trip, every sailor’s dream: The paradisaical islands of the Caribbean. The next months will be spent exploring the scenic underwaterworlds and exotic natural wonders on land. Hiking and on land activities will be just as an important part now as scubadiving and sailing to the next isolated white beach.