The Boat

Amadie is a 43 foot yacht from the french boat manufacturer Beneteau. Built in 2008 as part of the Océanis series, she spent her first 12 years as a charter yacht in Croatia. The spacious, modern and bright interior as well as the good condition of the ship convinced us on our first visit, that we had found the ship for our voyage.

Amadie offers four cabins, two fully equipped bathrooms, a large salon with integrated, gas powered kitchen and a small storeroom on the inside. With three double and one bunk bed, the ship comfortably hosts up to eight crew members.

Amadie spans 13.13m in length and 4.12m in width with a draught of 2.0m. We upgraded main sail and Genua for open water conditions and installed an additional Gennaker sail, so the sail surface totals up to 200m2. In good conditions we can reach sailing speeds up to 10 knots/hour (18.5 km/h). In bad conditions the yacht is powered by a 54hp Yanmar diesel engine.

To stay independent on the big blue water (and on remote islands), every world traveling ship needs to generate its own power. For this purpose we installed a wind generator and multiple solar panels on a specifically welded framework. Some additional batteries allow us to operate all our equipment for days even without sun and wind (which basically never happens).

The ship offers all mandatory and recommended safety equipment, including life belts, life vests, life raft, dinghy, signal missiles, (handheld) radio, radar reflection and two independent GPS navigation systems. It is certified for open water sailing with up to ten crew members. We mostly navigate with offline maps in the Navionics app and receive daily weather updates via our Iridium Go! satellite internet station.

The Crew

Besides her frequent temporary guests and visitors, Amadie hosts a permanent crew of four: Jan, Philipp, Hendrik and Tilman.

The four of us met each other – how else could it be? – on a sailing trip in Croatia in 2019. Since 2017 Jan had been organizing annual sailing trips in the Mediterranean for his and Philipp’s fraternity. Becoming more and more popular, this sailing vacation ultimately brought together 20 people on two Bavaria 51 yachts in 2019, not only from the fraternity, but also from Hendrik’s, Tilman’s and Jan’s scout group (among other friends). It was a glorious week of everything a sailing vacation could hope for: Sun, wind, beautiful landscape, diving, cold drinks on long evenings… And not long thereafter Philipp first proposed the idea of an extensive world sailing tour. It did not take a long time to convince a few sailing friends to join in on this adventure.

Jan, 29, is an industrial engineer, and Amadie’s official owner. He spent his past 4 years working in consultancy and lately in the development sector in Mali.

He has the SKS (Sportküstenschifferschein), SRC (Short Range radio Certificate) and SBF SEE (Sportbootführerschein See) certificates. Since his training in 2017, he has skippered ~2 weeks of sailing trips annually, usually on older Bavaria 49-51s. In total he has about two months of active sailing experience.

Philipp, 30, is the electrical engineer of the group. After his vocational engineering training, he recently finished his bachelor’s degree in the same field. Most of the remodeling work on Amadie took place under his directive.

Philipp also has the SKS , SRC and SBF SEE certificates and is still an active member of the ask-group (Akademischer Segelverein Karlsruhe). In early 2021 he went through ask’s open water security training. His active sailing experience totals to about four weeks. Additionally he brings a scuba diving license and equipment on board.

Hendrik, 23, is a mechanical engineer. He recently finished his bachelor’s degree. Besides his academic knowledge he also has the sort of crafty hands-on experience, that can become very useful for all types of repairs and maintenance necessary on a sailing yacht.

Hendrik joined the sailing group in 2019 and has developed quite a practical and theoretical interest in the subject, especially for offshore sailing.

Tilman, 27, more an outdoors man than anything else, is the latest addition to the group. After his commercial training he spent some time working in his family’s cleaning business, before deciding to join our epic adventure.

He is a part of our sailing group since 2019 and his proven himself as a reliable and crafty crew-member, always eager to take his sailing experience to the next level.

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